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ROSA Origami Holder by Broken Gooseneck

RM 60.00

ROSA is an improved dripper holder for Origami, which fit for both sizes of S and M. ROSA is carefully designed not just to hold Origami dripper securely, but come with loads of great features:

  • supporting 5 inner ribs of the dripper, improving stability
  • no more tilted dripper with auto-leveling
  • storing Origami in inverted mode
  • durable and suitable with high traffic usage
  • promoting airflow while brewing
  • stack-able with multiple ROSA


ROSA is created by using one of the latest and also widely used 3D printing technology called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

There are wide ranges of material, can be used for our printing, and after thorough research and testing, we have decided with Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG, commonly found at drinking water bottle). The advantages of this material over the other: 

- Food and Skin Safe - Odorless - High Strength, Extra Tough - Low Shrinkage - Chemical Resistance - Higher Temperature Resistance


ø115mm x H20mm x ø72mm outlet


Any product that required made from FDM or other machine/technique is sold as pre-order basis. Once you have place your order, we will proceed with the printing based on the choice of design and color. Once order has been printed, we will performed QC inspection and hand finishing if required, then we will proceed with packaging and shipment. Please take note the entire process will take from 5-10 working days, however we are committed to deliver product with highest quality with the shortest time frame possible.